that one time at #SPTR

faced with pleas of our own livers we’ve resorted to moving all of our #homemade wine and #homebrew beer through the basement window

welp, decorating is done, time to start giving free new home tours (suggested donation: 1 empty wine bottle)

I did the math, if T and I can drink 20 bottles of wine per night we won’t have to move any of this before out lease is up

look at me, I’m doctor zoidberg, homeowner

drink #croydon

mountainous clouds in the horizon, #infrared #southphilly

that’s a nice #cornice, #southphilly #nikon #d600

cleaning the chaff off some freshly roasted coffee beans

the big Hungarian barrel full of Syrah, #Trefethen #winemaking

Matt on Matt alternate Time Cop caption, “the same MATTer cannot occupy the same space at the same time”